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Some of our vehicles just can’t help but draw a little more attention. These are our Featured Vehicles. Every couple of weeks we refresh our listings with a few great deals that we feel deserve a little more attention than the rest. But don’t linger too long if you see something you like—someone else might be eyeing your prize!

About Happy Corner Auto

Find the right used vehicle for your needs

Happy Corner Auto is a valued Used Automobile Dealer in Calgary, Alberta . Our gorgeous showroom is home to the latest models and like-new pre-owned vehicles. We also offer frequent special deals on specific lines on our lot. We’re committed to providing quality service to all of our customers, from first-time buyers to seasoned owners. Our financing options make it easy for everyone to buy the vehicle of their dreams. Our professional and honest staff is ready to answer all of your questions, take you for a test drive, and hand you the keys to your new vehicle!

Why us


3-Months Warranty

When it comes to used cars, your peace of mind is our top priority. With our 3-month warranty, you can picture yourself behind the wheel of your dream car, enjoying absolute peace, knowing that everything is covered. Plus, we even include a full tank of gas! So you don’t have to worry about already having to fill up your new car on the way home.

Same-Day Financing

Thanks to our close connections with financial institutions and lenders, we can expedite your finance approval process, often providing you with competitive rates and approvals on the very day you submit your application. You can even drive away in your dream car on the same day.

Everything is inspected

We know that buying used cars can be challenging due to the uncertainty surrounding their condition. However, we prioritize your peace of mind by conducting thorough inspections from bumper to bumper. Our commitment is to offer you a quality used car.

Take the car to your mechanic!

Suppose you have any concerns and wish to gain peace of mind. In that case, we encourage you to have the vehicle inspected by your trusted mechanic. All we ask is that you contact us in advance to schedule an appointment with your mechanic and promptly return the dealer plate we will provide you with.

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